Explore Mixed Media Abstract Watercolor with me!

This painting was day 11 of the 100 Day Project and I really wanted to create an abstract watercolor using green, which is not a color that I use often nor am comfortable using. I love how it came out!!!

Daily Meanderings Sessions are my behind-the-scenes process of creating art from start to finish.

It has recently come to my attention, while filming the 100 Days Project, that I like to talk and teach A LOT. These classes are full of me:

  • Sharing my art-making process
  • Talking about why I make the decisions I do while making art
  • Sharing what products I use
  • Sharing insights about what I learned from 4 years of Art School Critiques about how to know when a piece is finished or not and why or why not. I've packed so much really good knowledge into this class.

What You'll Get From This Class

  •  Video showing this piece of art being made from start to finish.
  •  A Step-By-Step Look Into How I Make Art. You’ll see every decision I make and hear me tell you exactly why I’m making them.